Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fancy parties, Thanksmas, and other randomness

Baby Haven is doing great!  She is "due" exactly one month from tomorrow (give or take a week or two on either side, which is why I say "due" - we'll see when she actually gets here!!).  A month?!  Just mind-boggling to me.  We are so so excited and can't wait for her to get here, but I think I still can't quite wrap my brain around the fact that we're going to be parents.  forever.  in about a month.  Craziness!!  

I've started going to the doctor every week now, which also seems like pure craziness.  Seems like the time is flying by and yet standing still at the same time.  It's weird...  Baby girl's heartbeat was 160, and she's doing great!  The doctor didn't give me an estimate on her size now, but she said she guesses she'll be on the smaller side when she's born - maybe under 7lbs.  That would be nice... I would much rather birth a 6.5lb baby than an 8.5lb baby!  

Okay, so this post is going back in time... starting with the most recent stuff and then back to last month.  

So, last night was the Christmas party for Tim's work (he started a new job last week and loves it!).  It was pretty fancy - it was held at the W downtown, on the 33rd floor!!  

Tim and me after the party - he looked so handsome last night!!

I'm wearing earrings!  dangly ones!  It's a Christmas miracle!!

35.5 weeks!  This dress was already tighter from when I bought it Monday - yikes! 

They had an amaaaazing dinner, fun "bar" trivia afterward that you played as a table team, and instead of a photo booth - "pic flips!"  They took a 7 second video and turned it into a little flip book!  They printed a book for both of us to take home - love it, what a great idea!!  

Here's our little book: 

Here's me last week at 34 weeks in Haven's room... which is nearly done!  (these were on Facebook, so not "new"... but they're not in the blog, soooo...)

And since I never updated about Thanksgiving, here are a few pictures from our Proffitt Family Thanksgiving...aka Thanksmas!... we had Christmas too since we won't all be together for it this year.  Tim's mom rented a house on White Rock Lake and we all stayed there from Wednesday through the weekend.  We had tons of amazing home-cooked food, a birthday dinner for Tim & Josh, the "kids" all went out to dinner at this awesome Moroccan place (Baboush in the West Village... if you haven't been there, GO.), and then we had "Christmas morning" on that Saturday.  Haven even got gifts!  I thought that was so sweet, made me tear up a little.  Sweet baby girl - get here soon!!!  

Tim and his "Movember" mustache - can I tell you how glad I was when December got here??

Awww, Uncle Tim and baby Cohen - so sweet!!  He is SO great with babies, can't wait to see him with Haven.

It wouldn't be a Proffitt get together without some board games!

Daniel, Bree, and Cohen (who is not thrilled, but sure looks cute in that sweater!)

Alexis, Josh, and Roonie

"Trust me, I'm a paramedic" BBQ apron Tim got his dad.  :)

Santa, putting out the stockings for everyone

I love this picture of Roonie and her Uncle Daniel! 

Babies!!  Next year it will be all three of the cousins, and I can't WAIT!!!

And here are a few other pictures from November since I've fallen behind on my updating (shocking, I know):

30 weeks, in Haven's nursery (still not done, but then I promise I'll post pics!)

Lucy hanging out on my 30 week bump.  :)

Me as Tim's "roadie" - this one's at 31 weeks, crazy how much smaller Haven was only 4 weeks ago!

Lucy being my little helper while I finished painting Haven's room  :)

Annnnnd I think that might be up for updates and pictures for now.  I'm still feeling really good for the most part - I'm so thankful!  Still having daily heartburn and feel kinda crappy at night... but honestly it's just become a part of life for now, and I don't notice too much - I really do feel like I feel pretty good most of the time!  

Since we won't be traveling for Christmas, we're having Christmas dinner over at our dear friends (family?  apparently Tim and Lori are somehow related!) the Rodriguez family, along with some other sweet friends who are also not going home for the holidays.  I will definitely post an update after that.  I am SO going to miss going home for Christmas and seeing my family - I haven't seen some of them in way WAY too long - I haven't even gotten to see either of my brothers since being pregnant!!  I cannot believe that.  Makes me so sad.  :(  BUT - I am looking forward to not driving anywhere when I'm nearly 37 weeks pregnant and being with people we love and who are dear to us, even if they're not "family."  They are our family here for sure.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!  Tim and I are currently both typing away at our computers at the kitchen table, listening to Christmas music, drinking his "Christmas Spice Tea" he created, and just enjoying our lazy Sunday together.  Life is good.  

OH!  And one more little thing - our awesome neighbor, who is an awesome photographer, took maternity pictures for us this week!!!  We've never had professional photos done before, so I'm super super excited about them.  Can't wait to see them!!  :D :D

Friday, November 23, 2012

October Picture Recap...

...You know, since it's halfway through November and all.  Okay, okay - since November is practically over.  I'm a little behind, I know!  I just posted 3 different posts about the showers that we were so lovingly given by our friends, family, and co-workers.  Check them out if you're not on Facebook and haven't seen the pictures - we have awesome people surrounding us, and they spoiled us and Haven so much.  We've been having so much fun!

Some things from October... 

Band practice at Linh & Maro's 
The REAL band...  :) 
Me & Jon
Passed out preggo girls -
Mercedes & me  :)
Lucy checking out Haven's swing
Awesome stroller we got from Woot!
So excited!
My parents got us the infant car seat too!
My beloved body pillow also arrived
in October... sorry Tim!!
...but it is glorious.    
Fair Day!!
We went this year with our friends Paul & Chantelle
It was HOT, but we had fun  :)
Tim and the horsey  :)
Halloween at East - love this shirt!
She has a little pink bow too!  
Gotta show some pics of my baby cat...
Love kitty yawns, hehe
Being silly  :)
You can ever have enough sleeping kitty pics... 
Love this one -
Lucy and Haven!
hehe - she's really checking out that bump! 
And there you have it - October in a nutshell... of pictures.  :)  It was a really fun month, and I'm sure other fun things happened along the way too.  But as many of you know about me, if there aren't pictures of it, I probably already forgot!  :/  

I'll update November soon... and try to get some more recent bump pictures up (we haven't actually taken them... which makes things difficult).  

Dallas Baby Shower!

Well, I'm pretty sure my bestest friend in the whole world, Andrea has been planning this baby shower since she found out I was pregnant... mayyyybe longer, lol.  :)  All her planning and attention to detail really paid off though - it was an incredible shower!!!  Andrea, along with our friend Ashlie, and some of my Dallas besties - Kate, Alicia, & Belinda, threw Tim and I the most fabulous couples baby shower ever!  We had so much fun, and it was great to be with all of our friends at such a special time in our lives.  I loved having both guys and girls there, it really added something to the party - very fun!  Tim's parents made it down too, which was so sweet -and we loved having them there and getting to see them.  

Warning... TONS of pictures ahead!  And if you're on Facebook, you've probably already seen them all... I think I posted all these there too.  But for my family who's not on FB - enjoy!  :)  Oh, and Andrea (because I know you will see this at some point... probably when I tell you to go read my blog!) - you have to scroll down to the bottom... there is something there for you.  ;) 

First of all, the invitations and the beautiful (personalized! custom!) decorations that Andrea & Ashlie created... 
Love the little birdie on the elephant & the Chevron pattern - so cute!

Love this!

Tim's baby pictures

My baby pictures

It'll be here before we know it!

Super cute cake that matched all decor

This was one of my favorite things - so cute!

This was the guest book - love it!  Going to hang it in her room :)

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing these sugar cookies were... 

I picked out iron-on appliques from Etsy, and then they set up a station to make cute onesies!

After!!  So much fun, and now she has some super cute onesies to wear!!

So that was all the cute decor... here are some pictures from the actual shower!  I wish I had more pictures from my Tulsa family shower, but I'm just so terrible about taking photos - I'm glad Andrea & Ashlie are much better about it, I stole all these (and the ones above) from them!  :) 

So happy!

Love these girls - PUT A BIRD ON IT!!  :)

I think this was after I caught her saying "cute" 

Making onesies!  She brought her own rhinestones & bling to add to them :)

The band (and my fellow preggo) - love these people!!


My belly is so much bigger now that I'm finally writing this post... wow.  

The winners of the game!  Baby Gaspard #4 actually just arrived TODAY - how exciting!!
Can't wait to meet her!   

Love them.  :)

Tim, modeling Haven's new backpack, like a boss. 

And now photo-bombing this otherwise lovely photo... :)

Me & Andrea - best friends since 8th grade... 16 years, how is that even possible?  Love this girl like she was my own sister... especially since I don't have one of my own!  I know we will be close friends forever - can't imagine it any other way.  Auntie Andrea is already spoiling Haven; I can't wait to see her with her when she actually gets here!!  I love you friend!!  Thank you for everything you've done to make me feel loved and special during this fun time - can't wait to spoil you and your future babies the same way.  :)  The Proffitt family loves you!!